Describing Architecture


2006 – 2013 / Alan Jones



Alan Jones, Project Architect, Photography + Text
Laura Jones, Client

New photography, presented alongside earlier conceptual visuals and selected excerpts of a project scrapbook (1999-2013)

Initially constructed in 2006, New Dwelling in Randalstown, Northern Ireland, was photographed at that point in time by its architect Alan Jones. Many of the photographs were published widely, creating a defined set of images and perceptions of the project. The house is located in a public context and the exterior has remained relatively unchanged. However internally the project was conceived as one that would change, with the initial confi guration and materiality evolving to a point recorded in 2013.

The effects of weathering, altered function, environment, adornment, enhanced domesticity and use have created a new modified reality. It is envisaged that the interior will continue to change. The 2013 photographs were created using the same film based medium format camera and lens and similar viewpoint. There was resistance to composing the image through arranging the contents, preferring to record the current life of the interior rather than an echo of the earlier formalised representation.