Describing Architecture

'Filler' Anne O'Byrne Acrylic, Pen & ink on Board 23cmx32cm THUMB

Construction of Symmetry / Anne O’Byrne

Dee O' Shea - Title - Fedora's View THUMB

Fedora’s View / Dee O’Shea

Highrise elevation_Test 01_fullsize

Highrise / Plattenbau Studio


URBAN GENERIC / De Gayardon Bureau

©Brian Cregan-8663 thumb

Sleep Till Death / Stephen Mulhall & Francis Matthews

STILL thumb

Untitled / Jennifer Owens

tadao_ando-0 thumb

From Emptiness to Infinity / Mathias Frick

Untitled-1 thumb

Drawing on Life / Lightbox Films


GAP CAMP LICHTENBERG / Alexander Callsen

Untitled-1 thumb

Glass Ceiling / Alex Chomicz

SM+FM_images-02 (screenshot) thumb

Static / Matthews & Mulhall

image thumb

Autobiography of a Project / Carson and Crushell

AG_images-3 thumb

Earth Wall / Anne Gorman Architects & Collaborators

Altar to Lethe_comp 628 thumb

Altar to Lethe / Evelyn Glynn

screengrab_628 thumb

re_scale / Michael Stack

Buried In Light vimeo 2_785 thumb

Buried in Light / Siobhán Perry, Róisín Linnie

A Camera Obscura on the Liffey Quays_785 thumb

A Camera Obscura on the Liffey Quays / Paddy Cahill


Five Stations / Francis Matthews