Describing Architecture


20:20:20 / Declan Scullion


A 1:1 viewing instrument and 1:20 architectural model testing reflection and perception
1620mm high. 230mm x 230mm.

The upper 230mm of the piece is an integrated 1:20 scale model of the volume of oil consumed in Ireland every five minutes. This is set at eye level to optimize the ability to test the various mirrored arrangements that are to be incorporated into the final work. The horizontal mirrored viewing funnels on either side represent the equivalent volume of energy generated from renewable energy sources every five minutes in Ireland, with the narrower slot representing 2010, and the broader slot representing Ireland’s renewable energy target for 2020.

The piece is representative of a project (on-going), which will feature a huge concealed periscope reflecting the sky (ever changing wind and sun displayed at eye level) on one side, and on the opposite side an internal digital monitor displaying information regarding energy consumption. In this context the design has been reworked to explore ideas about spatial perception specific to the Octagonal Room. The periscope to the sky in this installation is a mirror allowing a view of the elaborate Octagonal ceiling while the kaleidoscope to mid-level is a playful viewing instrument exploring how the internal display monitor might reveal itself within the finished project. ‘5 Cube’ project _Imagine Energy open design competition.