Describing Architecture

A Camera Obscura on the Liffey Quays_785DA12_ON-5

A Camera Obscura on the Liffey Quays / Paddy Cahill


Paddy Cahill,
Michael Ryan,
Mike Glennon (Audio Design)

The video was made in Crampton Buildings, an old Dublin city center community that dates back one hundred and twenty years. At the moment it is in the process of being temporarily cleared of its residents while it is being refurbished.

The building has been in decline for the past decade, with many flats being boarded up. Now before the final residents move out there is a sense of finality in a building that has housed some families for as long as three generations.

A camera obscura is the most basic form of a camera where light passes through a small hole or iris into a drark space bringing the outside in.

The external world is put through a small hole to bring it down to scale on the inside. It brings the scale of a street down to the scale of a room.



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