Describing Architecture

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A Question of Space / Suzanne E. Martin


Public Engagement & Design Workshops

Part-Funded by the Arts Council through the ‘Engaging with Architecture Scheme’.

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In the city landscape, ‘place’ is largely interpreted by individual experience, previous encounters and prior knowledge. We bring associations and pre-established understanding to everything we do, in any city.

The workshops were an opportunity to shape and discuss these perceptions by experiencing this city in a new way. In the workshops, participants were invited to become flaneurs, to explore their understanding of space and place, building a set of visual, textual and contextual ‘data’ that develops a new design-led topology of our city space.

Suzanne E. Martin is a Dublin based designer, academic, director & producer. Having worked with a range of design institutions internationally she is currently writing/coordinating an innovation-led educational project for the DCCoI, and creating a series of commissioned design tourism films discussing the idea of ‘a sense of place’.