Describing Architecture


Airport Aran / Banbha Nic Canna

Watercolour paper – scale 1:1000

A thesis project for an airport on Inis Meáin, acts as a threshold to the shifting scales of the visitor, from the aerial view, of a landscape of stone walls, to the linear perspective, of interlinking rooms, where horizons and views shift constantly.

The extent of the runway and the landscape, called for a site model at a scale of 1.1000, yet with minimal contours and built forms on the site, the exploration became about the changing aspects of the the landcape, from flat runway to grassy machair, sandy dune, beach and the surrounding sea.

This model, made from a single sheet of paper, explores the distorted sense of scale, depth and texture of the landscape, runway and building as seen from above.



1    Model

2    Detail of model

3    Exhibit in context