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Autobiography of a Project / Carson and Crushell


Pen and pencil sketches on ultra lightweight 25gsm detail paper, 30cm x 42cm
Looped digital video
7mins duration

Autobiography of a project: Nov 2011- Sep 2013

Carson and Crushell Architects

These sketches are taken from the ongoing works to our own home and place of work within a 19th century mid-terrace town house in Dublin. Those that correspond to separate floors, rooms, facades or building elements are gathered together. Excepting that, they are presented as found without retouching.

The project itself is, at times, interminably but necessarily ‘slow-cooked’. In contrast, most of the sketches were made very quickly. Some were drawn mid-conversation and some drawn upside down when face-to-face with each other or a tradesman.

The project itself is also a conversation, one between our desires and the material world of the house and garden. We ask for shelter and gratefully receive it, though at times that comes with conditions of use and compromises must be made. As with any good conversation: pace, tone, clarity of intent and mutual respect are central themes.