Describing Architecture


Becoming / TTT thirtythreetrees


2 no. cast concrete slabs on raw pine wood pedestals, 1070(h)x1200(l)x600mm(w). 1 no sheet containing drawing and photograph, 600(h)x 300mm(w)

Becoming describes the life of an idea within a practice and looks at how this life (or process) adapts in the mind so long as some sort of conclusion seeks to be met. This life relies on the flexibility of scale.

Three TTT projects, (Ashford Castle 2008, Canyon for Rain 2008 and Garden for Canyon 2010), are linked by a particular geometric idea first developed for TTT’s new Formal Garden proposals at Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo. The “idea” was symbolic of that project’s historic context. Following the economic downturn of 2008 the project was “shelved”.

TTT salvaged a completed work from the period in the making of Canyon for Rain, an altar representing a deep cut in the earth at the scale of 1:300. A private client purchased the piece, which subsequently generated the designs for that client’s garden, whereby the garden layout is itself a precisely scaled relation to the canyon piece it contains. The whole provides a new “permanent” setting for an early work by O’Donnell + Tuomey. 




1    Proposal for formal garden at Ashford Castle, Mayo, 2008

2    Canyon for Rain, 2008

3    Garden for Canyon, 2010

4    Exhibit

5-7 Canyon for Rain Altar

8    Exhibit in Context

9    Jimi Shields, TTT presenting the project