Describing Architecture

0 Monsoon Section 1200x500mm2a Site Section 1450x450mm3 Well section 740x500mm4 Brick Facade Study 750x500mm5 River Front elevation 1150x410mm©Brian Cregan-8676©Brian Cregan-8597©Brian Cregan-8834©Brian Cregan-8838©Brian Cregan-8825©Brian Cregan-8767©Brian Cregan-8964

Bodhitree School, Bihar, India / Gavin Buggy


Pencil on butter paper
White gesso on foam structure

Monsoon Section
1200 x 500mm

Site Section
1450 x 450mm

Well Section
740 x 500mm

Brick Facade Study
750 x 500mm

River Front elevation
1150 x 410mm

The School building is devised and broken into non retinal cellular fragments, each cell unfolds and is transposed allowing the new work to become subsumed into the local Village pattern of existence.

The moist mud brick belongs to the land but is resistant to ideas. This material resistance may only survive within the local as an avoidance of any ideological stance, a slowing of time against the relentless technological onslaught. Mud, dwelling place and landscape fuse as non symbolic elements. In India foot can still feel not being shod, the dirt landscape forms a continuity from exterior world to the inner intimate world, a compacted mud universe. Dirt will always be more interesting than cleanliness.