Describing Architecture


Buried in Light / Siobhán Perry, Róisín Linnie


Siobhan Perry (Director)
Roisin Linnie (Producer)

Buried in Light is a short experimental documentary dealing with a sense of space, death and memory. The burial mound, Tulach a’tSolais, joins contemporary design with ancient burial traditions. It serves the local community as a memorial by bringing together the past and present while also signifying the psychical representation of loss and death.

As a communal grave Tulach a’tSolais transcends into a space for all loss, not just death, but loss that comes with the changes and progression of life. It was important to capture nature as the witness to the tomb, watching over it, being the constant onlooker as life changes hands. The sound and tone of the film create an atmosphere, which allows the audience to experience the mound as an evocative and reflective space.



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