Describing Architecture


Cats Cradle / abgc architects


Card model, concrete surfaces, folded steel rod frame – scale 1:100, 1:1


This piece takes the geometry, structure and rules of the children’s string game Cat’s Cradle and develops them into a folly/garden pavilion for a young family, a landscape design and the furniture within.

Each element of the piece is a variation on the ‘North Star’ Cat’s Cradle figure. The concept is of a scalable design, the same ‘northern star’ figure manipulated to become the structure for the table, the sun catching pavilion within which the table sits and the landscape design around it.

The different manifestations of the design are represented here also at different scales, a 1:100 scale model sitting on a site plan represented through the inlaid lines in the concrete surface of a 1:1 table supported on a folded steel rod frame.



1     Model

2    Detail of model

3    Exhibit in context