Describing Architecture


Colliderscape / Aisling McCoy


Lambdachrome prints on fuji archival photographic paper mounted on Dibond


The camera understands the city as an architecture of constantly changing images. However as the quantity of these images intensifies the urban individual becomes blase, filtering out what she needs to focus on, seldom stopping to look further.

The “Colliderscape” project is an attempt to rectify this by documenting the natural richness of the city as the camera sees it, offering it back for us to decipher. In this process of deciphering we can take time to understand the complexity & simultaneity of the city, & our own process of vision.

All of the images were taken around Dublin City centre, many are reflections juxtaposing interior & exterior views, as well as aspirational/advertising imagery & the physical context. The ambiguity of these juxtapositions allows us to add a layer of personal meaning which the camera cannot, thereby presenting not just the architectural space depicted, but also its temporal & psychological connotations.



1    Photograph

2    Photograph

3    Exhibit in context