Describing Architecture

'Filler' Anne O'Byrne Acrylic, Pen & ink on Board 23cmx32cm'Two Cranes' Anne O'Byrne Acrylic ground, pen and ink on board 25cmx27cm'A Frame' Anne O'Byrne Acrylic, Pen & Ink on Baord 32cm x 23cm©Brian Cregan-1576©Brian Cregan-1760 A©Brian Cregan-1441©Brian Cregan-1443©Brian Cregan-1580©Brian Cregan-1586©Brian Cregan-0310©Brian Cregan-1736A©Brian Cregan-2214©Brian Cregan-1735A

Construction of Symmetry / Anne O’Byrne


Video, 3:28 min
Acrylic, pen & ink on board

‘Filler’ 230 x 320 mm
‘Two Cranes’ 250 x 270 mm
‘A Frame’ 320 x 230 mm

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Architecture is the art form that affects most people’s lives.

In looking at ethical, sustainable models of construction, Anne O’Byrne’s work examines the aspects of belonging and connectivity that are inherent in the substance of building. The stuff of architecture goes far beyond concrete and steel and in her work she asks questions regarding the concept of place and space, and its impact on our daily lives.

Anne recently completed a three month Artist Residency in the new Engineering building in NUI Galway, having previously documented the construction of the build. Her research covers aspects of the functionality and sustainability of the building and how that translates to the occupants, in this case the students.
Her research explores notions of identity, affinity and association, in relation to place and the construction of new spaces.

Anne O’Byrne is a visual artist, born in Cork and now lives and works in Galway. She studied at the Limerick College of Art and Design and holds an Honors Degree in Fine Art from GMIT, Galway (2010). Anne’s practice incorporates paint, drawing, print, sculpture, video and installation. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work features in the collections of Bank of Ireland, Office of Public Works and Galway City Council, along with private collections in Ireland and Europe.