Describing Architecture

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Details of North City Dublin / DIT School of Architecture


9 x A4 drawings with accompanying texts

Dublin School of Architecture, DIT – Kate Rushe, Graham Flaherty, Zunairah Ansari, James Drury, Mark Callanan, Alex Devereux, Darryl O’ Neill and Dermot Boyd

The hands want to see, the eyes want to carese
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Detailing is the art and craft of architecture. Embedded and expressed in every good detail is the full intention and idea behind the building. However, as the methods of construction become more industrialized and regulated in the 21st century, there is every likelihood that the human innovation and skill practised in making space at 1:1 will be lost forever. ‘The Details of North City Dublin’ seeks to address this imbalance by exploring and explaining this part of the city through the architecture of the small scale.

The Details of North City Dublin is a historical theoretical and critical research module undertaken by fourth year architectural students at the Dublin School of Architecture, DIT investigating and examining the details of the north side of the city.