Describing Architecture


Drawing on Life / Lightbox Films



Drawing on Life: Five sketches


Paul Clarke + Conor McCafferty

Film and Architecture are conceived in similar ways: they both take shape in time. While one becomes fixed as a defined sequence of montage, the other is subject to experienced physical space, materials and the forces of nature.

Drawing on Life is a film that glimpses into a series of ‘windows’ (both physical and cinematic) as short portraits of architects at work, in order to discover the nature of drawing as thinking, and to explore why and how architects draw. Part of this is looking into the world of their sketchbooks and notebooks, which in a sense are also experienced and conceived (like architecture and film) through sequence and time. By identifying five short sequences from the film as ‘a sketchbook montage’ these provide ‘windows within windows’ as a glimpse into the making of the film.

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