Describing Architecture

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Earlsfort Terrace / Noelle Gallagher


Oil and Digital Print on board, gesso panels or linen on board

This body of work investigates the former UCD medical school at Earlsfort Terrace where I studied Anatomy and Physiology prior to studying art. My recent visits to the building were not prompted by nostalgia but rather by a curiosity as to how the spaces had reinvented themselves during the intervening years. The incongruity of a dissection room becoming a rehearsal space for a musical score such as ‘cohesion’ becomes the subject of one painting in the series. Others use the materiality of paint to undermine the photographic elements of the paintings, and perspective is skewed to allude to how memory alters our sense of place.

Noelle Gallagher is Powerscourt Artist in Residence
Oct 2014 – Apr 2015