Describing Architecture

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Earth Wall / Anne Gorman Architects & Collaborators


Tools and materials to make earth wall, film


50% of the ingredients for this wall have been taken and reformed from the ground they came from. The gravel used was collected from Ballylusk Quarry in Wicklow, giving the material an inherently low carbon footprint and more affordable cost base.

Following through an idea of how you might make a wall, brings about an end product but the process is exploratory in nature involving research, intuition and the senses, so in a way the end product is the beginning of further research and making, having learned so much as you go.

A ‘sense of the material has been developed in a way that is kinesthetic involving sight, sound and feel. This way of working directly with the material is very intimate and satisfying. We know from working the mix that the amount of water added can completely change the texture and appearance of the wall. Some architects like to work in this way.

With thanks to Room 4 Productions for editing and compiling the short film.