Describing Architecture


House / Frances Leach


Pins, roofing membrane 40 x 35 cm

House from the series: The Future is Left Behind So Many Times

The plight of Priory Hall Residents prompted this series that I started in 2010. I wanted to convey the feelings of people stuck in a seemingly endless repetition of days without the prospect of moving forward and fulfilling their dreams of the future. I found a piece of roofing material on a building site and combined it with sequin pins to make the two-sided House.

Giotto’s early 14th century Crucifi x at Florence’s Ognissanti church was the inspiration for the pattern I made with pins. I worked out a stylised version of the beautiful pattern that surrounds Giotto’s figure of Christ, to connect with a depiction of suffering at the highest level of expression in Art history. Unlike Giotto, I used industrial materials and an absence of the human form to depict suffering and loss. This is in order to emphasise an absence of compassion on the part of property developers in recent times. The materials make reference to both the built and domestic environments. Shape and pattern are disrupted in the piece.



1    House

2    House, close-up

3    House, back of roofing membrane

4    Exhibit

5-7 Exhibit in context