Describing Architecture

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Inis Meáin Landscape Models / Briain Moriarty


Plaster Cast, Slate Dust / Card

1200 x 400 mm / 1310 x 230 mm

The project is located by the old pier on Inis Meáin, a small island located off the west coast of Ireland, providing changing and resting facilities for swimming, along with working and storage facilities for currachs and fishing.

On a larger scale, the project responds to the route that begins at the pier and continues to become the main vein of access through the island, along which a ribbon of housing and commerce is located. The field patterns of drystone walls offer a series of recessed and through spaces, where you pause to perform a function and continue on again. The materiality and texture of rough boardmarked concrete reflects the heavy and evolved character of the old pier.

Architect working and living in Dublin.