Describing Architecture

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Leptodirus Hochenwartii / Anna Monaghan


Vector drawing hand rendered with ink on paper – Scale 1:12

Leptodirus Hochenwartii; Calamia Tridens

Standing as a scarab-inspired,patterned surface or encorporated into the design of street furniture – these drawings document the potential use of bespoke ceramics in architecture. The project proposes the hand-making of glazed tiles for implementation in squares of both Ljubljana, Slovenia and Ennis, Co. Clare. Further development of the project includes using the tile design for benches, drinking fountains and water pools.

The subject matter – the Slovenian Narrow Necked Blind Cave Beetle (Leptodirus Hochenwartii) and the Irish Burren Green Moth (Calamia Tridens) are both endangered species of insects but also have no eyes or very limited visability. As such, they rely on their other, heightened senses to navigate and survive in their respective, highly specific, environments.



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