Describing Architecture

plaster model 01_785plaster model 02_785DA13-RO-7_785

Mass Perception / Ivor Hession


Plaster cast models – scale 1:100


Two cast plaster blocks, each a 30cm cube, an investigation into weight and scale. The project as a whole tackled a tough and hardened site surrounding the M3 motorway flyovers in Belfast. The project proposed a monolithic structure made of a light weight frame clad in metal. It directs the occupant’s views across an almost infinite ground plane and up to the infinite vertical plane, surrounding the imposing road structure.

The studies are concerned with the nature of perceived scale and weight when
internalised in a light weight but monolithic structure. Plaster was cast to form sections of space, the moulds’ surfaces internally marked with hints of material and fenestration, contrast against the outer surfaces, finished smooth but treated roughly. Splashes, seams, and marks mirror the motorways brutality. Lighter inserts are set within, all that is not walls and floors are considered
as furniture.



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