Describing Architecture

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Memory in a Sense-Scape / Sarah Doheny


Digital Collage on Dibond
500 × 294 mm
500 × 179 mm

The city fabric is made up of an archive of sensory experiences that engage with the innate sensualism of the individual and the collective. “Architecture is the reconciliation between ourselves and the world” (Pallasmaa, 1996), or in this case, ourselves and the city. The entities of archive and memory are inextricably linked, and it is important to note that a sensory rich architecture inevitably involves our space and place memories.

The bridge is generated from a city datum and provides an elevated landscape to experience this; one that weaves through the city fabric and over the monumental quays. Not only personal memory is at play, but social and cultural memory too, as one skirts the city-scape taking in its sites, sounds and smells.

Sarah is a graduate architect.