Describing Architecture

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Model Behaviour / Joe Stokes


Series of models

Model Behaviour
Iterations of a Study Model

The physical study model is a medium of design exploration that was prevalent throughout my architectural education. They are cobbled together using scraps of card to test vague notions about a project, as well as meticulously crafted to explore intricate details of a small piece of it. When assembled as a body of work at the end of a semester, they gave perhaps the fullest account of the trials, tests, dead ends and U- turns that, in most cases, brought me to what I thought was the most fully resolved scheme for a particular brief.

This body of work is perhaps at its most interesting when the models concerned are of the same scale, as it allows an outsider to make direct comparisons between the work, even when they are exploring completely different aspects of a design. This sequence of 1:500 models is just such a collection, ranging from explorations of concept and massing, to structure and movement, that together most fully describe my thesis design project, for an open access timber workshop.