Describing Architecture

RS_A3_Sheet 01_Martello Prosthesis 785RS_A3_Sheet 02_Martello Prosthesis 785DA13_DE-15DA13_DE-51

Prosthesis / Robert Salmon

Digital drawing

A prosthetic telescope sits atop a disused martello tower. The tower is enabled through the addition of a prosthesis. What once stared out to sea, now stares at the stars.

The drawing attempts to represent the considered subtlety and nuance that can be attained within a computer drawing and printed medium, which requires skills, comparable to, but different to that required to produce a hand drawing. The representation presented highlight the possibilities of working at a scale of 1:1. The drawing deals with micro to macro detail, and tries to cross the boundary between.

Here, the micro detail adds a tangibility to the seemingly preposterous macro overview. From afar, one may not question the technical logic or validity of the proposal. However, there is a playfulness in the representation at close range, a tongue in cheek, hiding behind detail.


1    Observatory by Day

2    Observatory by Night

3    Exhibit

4    Exhibit in context