Describing Architecture

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‘Qubba’ / Helen Barry


Mixed Media

‘Qubba’ (Dome Series)

23x23x23cm (2008)
‘Qubba Blue’
30x30x30cm (2011)
‘Qubba Section’
23x23x23cm (2012)

‘Qubba’, ‘Qubba Blue’ & ‘Qubba Section’ are three pieces in a series of Dome studies, examining their structure and context. My starting point is within the mosques and churches across different faiths of contemporary Dublin. Examining the principles of symmetry and order that lie within their concrete facades and how this is refl ective of the journey and lives of the people who utilize these sacred spaces.

My work uses sculpture, drawing and printmaking to explore these architectural spaces. These buildings offer an array of architectural symmetry, geometry, pattern, mathematics, colour, domes, all of which my own work investigates. My process demands that I visit these spaces with their congregation present and also alone observing the rhythm and pattern of ritual. My ambition is to see if I have achieved a resolution of spaces through sculpture and installation works that can instil peace, balance and tranquillity offered by the symmetrical structure of religious architecture.