Describing Architecture

JH_images-1JH_images-1 (detail)Painting with Architecture in Mind_ James Hayes-9DA13-8330DA13-8329

Richview Staircase Study / James Hayes


Oil on board
100 x 70 cm

The intention of this piece was to explore the ability of painting to produce a representation of space which remains in closer contact with lived-bodily experience. I took multiple photographs to record the space. Each photograph was effectively its own miniature composition, a monocular perspectival fragment with its own focus and vanishing point. Photocollage was then used in an attempt to re-construct from these multiple fragments a composition which constituted a more multi-focal re-presentation of space. Positioning successive photos in the process of collage is an attempt to instil time into the eventual image, an intuitive process that considers moving up through this space over time.

The process produced a compositional whole of deliberated inconsistencies. This germinal composition was then used as basis for a sketch which would act as framework for the production of a painting. Informed by the preparatory sketch as guideline, the act of painting with its fragment of the brush-stroke was then used to develop the final image as a unified whole.