Describing Architecture

A the laundry roomB split levelC double doors©Brian Cregan-8498©Brian Cregan-8534©Brian Cregan-8555

sense of space / Vanya Lambrecht Ward


Mixed media on wood

1. The Laundry Room
24 x 18 cm, 2009

2. Split Level
20.5 x 17 cm, 2011

3. Double Doors
25.5 x 21.5 cm, 2011

My investigation centres around the idea of the photograph as a non-truth rather than the perceived verisimilitude of the image; and the physical experience of the built space rather than its measured reality.

Through the use of photographs and objects I endeavor to investigate the tension between what we see (think we see) and what we experience in spaces and how we translate these encounters. The so-called ‘nostalgic’ and remembered aspect of both architecture and photography are a fundamental aspect in understanding the language of both (built) space and (photographic) image. The temporality rather than perceived permanence in both architecture and photography becomes the stimulus.