Describing Architecture


Solid VOID / Philip Ryan


Design Process Models

These models were created during the design process of my thesis project, Curiosity Collab: A Public House in Temple Bar. Each model is a formal arrangement composed of three spatial volumes of programme entitled, ʻCompilationʼ, ʻCollaborationʼ and ʻConversationʼ, all reacting to a specific site condition.

They are all work in process foam models that were simply papier-mâchéed and dry-brushed for representational
purposes. The projectʼs concept of designing for disassembly and reassembly, which allowed for variety and adaptability, required a strict structural and technological system. The capabilities of such a strategy could only be explored in the third dimension, which demonstrates the potential outcome of a multitude of compositions. Therefore, not only is each model a tool of experimentation and exploration of design decisions, but the cataloguing of each iteration demonstrates the spatial qualities achievable with the underlying tectonic structures as they are developed.

They are objects that attempt to distill abstract conceptual strategies into a built reality.