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Studio House / Hession + McNally


Models in plaster

Studio House
[a place to make]

Ivor Hession + Ray McNally

The work is drawn from the on going collaboration with one of Ireland’s leading stone sculpturers as a place both to live and work in rural Co. Sligo. The form is born out of the artist’s process where living and working combine in a fl uid state. The house and studio wrap to create a working courtyard which each new sculpture will move through as it is hewn from stone.

The models were created using ridged foam or card moulds allowing for a variety in finish which together with the drawing, we used to create a simple language of form and space, reflecting the client’s work and local vernacular. The project has used a process of repetition rapidly producing various form around a strategically fixed plan. The models vary in level of detail and level of fineness as the understanding of the form and our work with the client sped up and slowed down.