Describing Architecture

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The Contemporary Commons / Michael Hayes

Red pen, pencil, acrylic paint and photo collage on sugar paper

This drawing is part of a process of work that seeks to understand how to build in suburbia. Suburbia is a unique spatial condition. It is not merely the place inbetween town and country. An architecture will not be found by directly applying an urban or rural logic. One must make explicit the characteristics of suburban space.

If the traditional city core is defined spatially by the vertical and the rural condition is determined by the horizontal, then at the threshold between these extremes, suburban space may be understood as what happens when the central point and the horizon meet.

The drawing is portrait in composition yet landscape in scale. Though suburban morphology is highly bound and relies heavily on wall and threshold for definition, the actual arrangement of form and proportion lacks a primordial sense of enclosure. The sky dominates. The repetition of red lines defines this constant and expresses the endlessness of this spatial condition.



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