Describing Architecture

Door Handle Detail_628DA13_DE-16DA13_DE-6

The House of the Objects / Emma Byrne


Pencil on newsprint paper – Scale 1:1

As part of a ‘City as Archive’ thesis group my brief was to design an archive in Berlin’s Kulturforum for the art collector, Egidio Marzona.
The idea of an archive as a house, owned by its collection, was the guiding principle of my thesis project. The design follows a domestic timber frame construction. The objects form their own infrastructure within the frame and the building performs as a crafted cabinet, contracting the city to the scale of the object in a unique domestic offering to Berlin.

Every piece works together and the building is united into one space, achieving an ideal domicile for the archive – ‘The House of the Objects.’

This drawing is of a door handle for of a timber cabinet that was designed and scaled around an object within the collection. The delicate nature of the newsprint material and drawing composition conveys the fragility of the environment within which the object is housed. The drawing requires up close examination in order to reveal hidden complexities that are lost from a distance; a reflection of the project’s intended intimacy in experiencing an artifact.



1    Pencil drawing

2    Exhibit

3    Exhibit in context