Describing Architecture


Theatre / Michael O’Dell


Wood, Card, Plaster
400x300x300 approx

Proposal for an outdoor theatre. To be located at the north end of Smithfield square. Lifting the stage above the ground removes the performance from its datum, creating a shelter and gathering space beneath while gaining a presence to the north of the square.

Completed during an interim stage of the design, the model, made of stained wood and card sitting in a plaster bed, was used to explore the realities of the form as it developed from drawings. Attempting to describe the experience of the space
informed the development of the project, clarifying conceptual as well as structural ideas leading into the next stage.

This process model was key in the development of the proposal. Moving between mediums, from the abstract and rational of the drawings to the practical and experiential qualities of the physical piece, allowed for a clarification and definition of thought during the development, while the object also allowed for more descriptive representation than the drawings provided.