Describing Architecture

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Traces / Bosbach + Blackmore


Photographs, photomontages

Roland Bosbach (Architect) + David Blackmore (Photography)

New photography, presented alongside earlier conceptual visuals and selected excerpts of a project scrapbook (1999-2013)

Roland Bosbach: This small intervention into a period house was less interested in the completeness of an architectural object, but rather in creating architectural potential. Four gardens and a series of rooms, defined more by adjacency, materiality and orientation than programmatic terminologies, were woven into a “house of rooms”, a raw shell, giving scope for numerous forms of occupation and programmatic interpretation. Twelve years of inhabitation having transformed from a bachelors home / office to a family home of five, a series of photographs were commissioned to document the traces of domestic occupation and evolving living patterns.

David Blackmore: As Walter Benjamin famously wrote ‘to live is to leave traces’. It was a Saturday Autumn morning when I visited and the family was present throughout. This allowed me to witness the space active in the varied facets of its current incarnation, a young family home. I was examining the space the owner’s lives and relationship has played out in; searching for the juxtaposition of the spaces conflicting histories. Despite these narratives seemingly being at poles to one another the two different life narratives held a sense of cohesiveness and continuity – the building and its contents provided a record of the development of these individuals’ chapters.