Describing Architecture

A_Untitled_(White)_AMCB_Beton_Brut_AMCC_Astral_Light_AMC©Brian Cregan-8614-2©Brian Cregan-8616©Brian Cregan-8614

unSaid: la petite mort / Ann Marie Curran


Fine Art Hahnemühle photo-rag prints, mounted on clear acrylic

1. Untitled (White)

2. Breton Brut

3. Astral Light


unSaid: la petite mort seeks to reveal the poetic potential in places that are considered unfulfilled. The project was conceptualised as a work whereby subject, materials and presentation were all interlinked to present to the viewer not just the sites-signs of a society in recession but images of the tranquillity and beauty of temporal (and metaphorically erotic) disconnectedness:

Uninhabited buildings. They are marked, painted, raw, written on, dark and light, and speaking of a certain kind of silence: the unsaidness of an ambiguous utterance. Embodying a sensual world of be-coming, they are exquisite little deaths, detached, melancholic and languishing.