Describing Architecture

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Untitled / Megan Etherton


CAD drawing on cartridge paper

This drawing was carried out as part of a UCD School of Architecture module. Based on measured survey and a series of photographs, it documents a portion of the City Assembly House on October 26th, 2010.

The aim was not to analyse but to present the objects within the space, disassociating them from the walls and structure that hold them and allowing the elements of a possible narrative to exist independently of the building. It suggests that spaces are about more than their dimensions and structure – they are receptacles for ever-changing situations.

Each day adds another layer of dust and every visitor takes a few smudges of soot with them; this space has been caught at a specific moment in time, before and after which it was and will not be the same. This stage in the space’s progression has been captured and validated.

This drawing glorifies the everyday and the ordinary, the residue and dust, the dirty teaspoons of daily life.