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Work In Process / Lawrence and Long


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Lawrence and Long Architects

The project involves the rehabilitation of two warehouses on Sir John Rodgerson’s Quay. The warehouses date from 1880 and are the only remaining originals of this type along the quay’s of Dublin City Centre. Although not a protected structure, it is a unique building of architectural interest.

The warehouses have been falling into disrepair for some time. Rehabilitation works have been carried out on an incremental basis- extensive works to the roof and brick facade to ensure the structural integrity of the larger warehouse were initially completed.

The current works involve replacing the large existing timber sliding gates on the North and South elevations. Large sections of European white oak have been sourced as the material for the gates. The original cast steel wheels have been refurbished and will be reused. The next phase of the work will include the provision of large glazed sliding doors. These are expected to be fitted in early 2014.